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About Rentevent

Rent decorations, activity products and technique for parties, events, fairs and conferences.
We also offer decoration, mounting/dismounting, production, print and transport. The Rentevent team consists of event producers, installers, cabinet makers, decor specialists
and technicians. We are proud to be one of Sweden’s largest decor companies. We constantly strive to improve and update our range of products in order to be able to continue to deliver world class events and products.


We have many years of experience of decoration, scenography and styling. Our rental products are high quality and we have over the years built a wide base of products we continually update with the latest trends and customer requests. Our event producers and decor specialists will help you to achieve your goals. Our production teams produce in accordance with your special needs. They build, print, modify and produce inhouse.

Scene and sound technology

We also offer scene and sound technology for parties, events, fairs and conferences. We have high quality equipment which is submitted to constant updates.


In Stockholm and surrounding areas, we usually make the transports ourselves. In the rest of the country transport is made by freight companies. You are also welcome to pick up at our offices in Bromma, Stockholm.

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